Terms and Conditions


“The Hirer” means the person signing the contract for hire. Where an organisation is named in the contract that organisation shall also be considered the hirer and shall be jointly liable with the person who signed the contract.

“The Premises” means the building or part of the building booked and referred to in the contract

“The period of hire” means the date(s) and time(s) for hire referred to in the booking form, contract and other correspondence.

“The Authorised Officer” means the HUSSC Manager or any person or persons nominated by him/her.


1.     The hirer shall not use the premises, or permit the premises to be used for any other purpose other than for the purpose or purposes specified in the contract. The hirer will be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all people attending their event.

2.     The hirer shall take good care of, and shall not cause any damage or permit any damage to be done to the premises, or any part of the premises or the fixtures, fittings and equipment on the premises or to any part of the building of which the premises form part or any other building or structure within the curtilage of the building, and any damage caused or permitted by the hirer, his/her servants, agents, contractors or any other person resorting to the premises by reason of his/her hire of them shall be made good by HUSSC at the cost to the hirer and the hirer shall inform the Office Manager of any such damage as soon as practical and the hirer shall confirm it in writing within 24 hours of its discovery. The cost of such damage shall be certified by the Authorised Officer whose decision shall be final.

4.     The hirer shall be liable for, and shall indemnify HUSSC against all actions, proceedings, claims, damages, charges, costs expenses whatsoever brought or made against HUSSC in respect of any personal injury to or the death of any person arising out of or in the course of the hire of the premises by the hirer, unless due to negligence of HUSSC, their servants or agents.

5.     The Authorised Officer or other employees of HUSSC can refuse the right of entry at any time during the hire period.

6.     The hirer, employees, agents and contractors shall, during the period of hire and during such other times as they, or any of them shall be in the premises for the purpose of the hiring comply with all requirements of the Authorised Officer.


7.1 The hirer shall, during the period of hire be responsible for:

a) the efficient supervision of the premises, including the orderly and safe admission and departure of persons to and from the premises and assisting the Authorised Officer in the orderly and safe clearance of the premises in case of emergency

b) keeping the premises safe and ensuring good order and decency is maintained

c) keeping the conditions imposed from time to time by the Fire Officer and ensuring that all doors giving exit from the premises shall be kept unlocked and unobstructed, and immediately available for exit during the whole time the premises are in use and no obstruction shall be place or allowed to remain in any corridor giving access to the premises

7.2 If you fail, in the opinion of the Authorised Officer, to comply with clause 7.1 he/she shall be permitted to suspend or terminate the function for which the immediate clearance of the premises may be required. HUSSC will not be liable for any damages arising from the termination or suspension unless arising directly from HUSSC negligence

8.     No animal, other than an assistance dog, may be brought on to the premises or into the building without the prior consent of the Authorised Officer.

9.     The hirer and his servants, agents, contractors and others allowed on the premises by reason of its hire shall leave the premises by the expiry of the hire period. If they have not, the hirer will be required to pay HUSSC a surcharge amounting to the HUSSC normal hire charge for the premises until the premises have been cleared.

10.   No alterations or additions to the premises, the fixtures, fittings, scenery and/or equipment or the decorations at the premises shall be carried out.

11.   No nails, or fixing or any kind shall be driven or put into any wall, floor, partition, pillar, ceiling, fitting or furniture of any kind.

12.   The use of any equipment provided by HUSSC is at the risk of the hirer and HUSSC will accept no liability or responsibility for it unless any damage to it is due solely to the negligence of HUSSC or its employees.

13.   The hirer shall be wholly liable and responsible for any loss or damage to the premises or any part of it or its fixtures or fittings or to any of HUSSC’s equipment used by him/her or by persons permitted on the premises by reason of his/her hire.

14.   No furniture or fittings or equipment shall be moved or removed by the hirer.

15.   No bills, placards, posters or notices of any description shall be posted on or against any part of the exterior of the premises or inside the premises.


1.     16.1  The hirer shall not permit the use of any naked lights

2.     16.2  The hirer shall not bring or permit to be brought onto the premises any weapons, explosives, inflammable material,

fireworks or other pyrotechnics not sue or permit the use of any naked lights in any part of the premises

16.3 The hirer shall not bring or permit to be brought onto the premises any electrical appliance or additional lighting effect without the prior written consent of the Authorised Officer, who may as a condition of his/her consent require that before any such electrical appliance and/or additional lighting effect is used it shall be inspected and approved by a competent electrical engineer nominated by HUSSC.

16.4 Alcohol or drugs may not be brought on to or consumed on these premises.

17.   The hirer shall not be entitled to grant sound, television broadcasting or filming rights without the prior written consent of the Authorised Officer.

18.   HUSSC will, at their own expense, provide for the normal heating and normal lighting of the premises (but not further or otherwise), but shall not be responsible for any failure thereof or defect to the heating and/or lighting or loss or damage resulting therefrom unless due solely to their negligence or the negligence of their servants or agents.

19.   All furniture, apparatus, appliances, equipment and other supplies brought or sent to the premises by or on behalf of the hirer shall be unloaded, placed in position and removed by the hirer at such time or times as the Authorised Officer may direct.

20.   The hirer shall not assign or sub-let any interest in the premises or any part of it and shall not use the premises for any other purpose than that set out in the contract.

21.   The hirer shall observe and comply with the terms, conditions, restrictions and requirements of any Act of Parliament, Statutory Instrument, Regulations or Licence under which the premises or any part therefore may be used, and shall not do or permit to be done, or permitted in or about the premises any act or thing whereby such Act of Parliament, Statutory Instrument, Regulations or Licence may be liable to be suspended or forfeited or the renewal or transfer thereof refused or endangered and shall indemnify HUSSC and any person in whose name any Licence may be held on their behalf against any loss of revenue, benefits, damages, costs and expenses that may be incurred by then or him/her owing to the breach, non observance or non performance of any such terms and conditions and restrictions and requirements aforesaid.

22.   Cancellation:
Bookings cancelled after 14 days before the event will be subject to the total room hire cost. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.

23.   HUSSC may cancel the hiring at any time without stating a reason, and if so HUSSC shall refund to the hirer all monies paid by him/her to HUSSC, any monies payable for the period of the hire unpaid at the time of cancellation shall cease to be payable unless the cancellation is due to some act or default of the hirer provided always that HUSSC shall not be liable to pay any compensation to the hirer in respect of such cancellation.